IS-Expert now becomes Express-Desk Solutions

IS-Expert S.P.R.L. was dissolved on 30th of September 2014. All activities were transferred to Express-Desk Solutions S.C.S.

Ar-Explorer, the only plugin for BMC Remedy Developer Studio, is rebranded into Express-Desk ARS Workflow Explorer. An updated version, supporting Remedy 8.0, 8.1 and 9.0, will be released soon.

Discover all the exiting new features of ExpressDesk, the only fully-featured integration between Microsoft Lync (Now Skype For Business) and BMC Remedy on

1. A "Remedy-aware" Virtual Agent available in Lync :

it appears as a Lync contact and represents the single point of contact to your service desk. Behind that contact, a chat bot can ask a few (configurable) questions and dispatch the communication to the available service desk agents (based on skills/languages/availability/position of the call in the queue). The interesting thing is that the agent connects to Remedy through webservices to retrieve information about the customer, support groups, members of support groups, opened calls (incidents/changes/service requests/...) of the customer, and so on.


2. Integration of Remedy inside Lync's conversation window :

when the Virtual Agent transfers a call to a Service Desk agent, the appropriate form opens inside the Lync conversation window, and customer details are automatically completed inside the ticket, as well as the information that was retrieved by the bot through the various questions he asked to the customer. The conversation is automatically added to the ticket's Work Info log.

If the customer was calling for an open ticket, the bot will try to route the conversation to the ticket assignee (or to someone from his team if the assignee is not available), and when the assignee will receive the lync conversation, the exact ticket for which the customer calls will automatically open inside the lync conversation window.


3. Integration of Lync controls inside Remedy :

you can see the Lync status of customers inside various consoles (incident, change,...) and inside the tickets themselves, and you can start a conversation with a customer in one click directly from Remedy. The ticket for which you're calling will automatically appear inside the Lync conversation window. And the conversation will automatically be appended into the Work Info log.


4. A Reporting feature is also available to report on the activities of the Service Desk regarding Lync usage : average duration of calls in the different queues, number and average duration of calls per hour, per site,... Possibility to define its own charts and indicators,...


5. A Single-Sign-On feature which is needed to automatically authenticate your Service Desk agents into Remedy every time they get a lync conversation with a Remedy context (because you don't want them to waste their time typing their login and passwords, do you?)


6. Lync-based Remedy notifications : Receive Remedy notifications via Lync. Collect Customer Satisfaction Surveys through a Lync conversation instead of having your customers clicking on a Lync in an Email, and increase your response rate from 5 to 25 percent!


7. High-availability is available thanks to a redundant architecture with failover mechanisms.


8. Web-based chat through a web-based lync client is provided as well.